Sunday, April 16, 2017

The Great Gatsby: Metacognitive Chapter Nine

I thought Gatsby's family was dead. Guess not. Why is the book called The Great Gatsby. How is Gatsby so great.  That is how Gatsby has his money. Is that why people call this book The Great Gatsby because he somewhat made himself out of nothing? The main reason he only did it was because of Daisy. This last chapter is always mentioning how Gatsby was great in one way or another. So Daisy never told anyone she was the one who killed Tom's wife. Wow. Wilson came over to the right house first. The man who slept with his wife and the women who murdered his wife. While Gatsby was somewhat of a bystander. Did Daisy not even care when she learned of Gatsby's death? Rude.

Monday, April 10, 2017

The Great Gatsby: Metacognitive Chapter Seven

Gatsby stopped having parties and hired new staff. Was this all because of Daisy? He did it because he didn't want people to whisper about Daisy and himself. Does Tom know of Gatsby? Why can Daisy know about Tom's girl, but Tom can't know of Gatsby. Why is Gatsby at Tom and Daisy's house? Was it the look that gave away the love between Daisy and Gatsby? Why is Tom's girl suddenly going away? Is she going away? "... until I realized that her eyes, wide with jealous terror, were fixed not on Tom, but on Jordan Baker, whom she took to be his wife." I'm slightly confused on this quote. What does it mean to be causing a row? So Gatsby potentially killed someone? Why did Daisy never bring up Tom's mistress? So Wilson finally figured out his wife his having an affair but not sure with who. Dang she was killed fast. No point of dealing with her now. Tom is losing both mistress and wife. Wait so two cars were possible to kill her. Was the car who stopped not the one who killed her? Did Gatsby run her over, but how could he have timed it? Or he didn't stop when the body was hit? Was it actually Daisy who could have killed her? So they were driving and it was Daisy who killed her.


The Great Gatsby: Metacognitive Chapter Eight

"I disproved of him from the beginning to end." How did Gatsby never find approval from Nick? Granted Nick only saw Gatsby as a party man, illegal business man, a man who steals a wife and such. I always thought Nick was somewhat in awe of Gatsby. So Jordan and Nick aren't doing well? I thought their fling was somewhat done and over with. When is it officially broken off? Couldn't Gatsby pay a guy to fix his car in his garage? Then also pay for the man to tell no one? Why didn't Gatsby do this and just let it sit in the garage? Wait did Wilson shoot Gatsby and then himself? Or did Wilson attack Gatsby, and Gatsby shoot Wilson in self defense?

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The Great Gatsby: Metacognitive Chapter Six

Why are people so interested with Gatsby? Wait so James Gatz is Gatsby? Did I get that right? That makes a lot of sense why Gatsby does not drink. He doesn't want to die like Dan Cody. That is also how he got all of his money. From Mr. Cody. Why does Gatsby not talk about it a lot? "Tell him we couldn't wait, will you?" Page 103. Why don't they want Gatsby to join? I thought many people who have wanted Gatsby to come along? Mr. Sloane and the lady were interesting. They couldn't wait for Gatsby? Why? Oh by drug business Gatsby did not mean by any illegal means. Oops.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

The Great Gatsby: Metacognitive Chapter Five

Did Gatsby put lights on his house just to impress Daisy? How would that impress her? Also it's super hard to cut grass in the rain so why bother? Can an old lawn mower cut grass in the rain? What business did Gatsby want Nick to join. What am I missing. I've never thought of Gatsby as obsessed with Daisy. Yes, he did go overboard by buying a very expensive house on the East(?) Egg, but I found it sweet. I got the Eggs confused. Dang. He probably never gotten over Daisy, but is he really obsessed? Since Daisy was crying was it happy crying? If Gatsby was glowing does that mean he somehow proposed and Daisy agreed to get a divorce from Tom? So Gatsby was in the drug and oil business. What a lovely guy he is. Why is Daisy crying over such beautiful shirts. Okay so if no revealing soon marriage then what exactly made Daisy cry and Gatsby happy. I'm curious to know exactly what happened.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Great Gatsby: Metacognitive Chapter Four

What is the point of listing all the people who went to Gatsby's parties? Why didn't the chapter start off talking about Nick and Gatsby flying the plane? Did Nick perhaps mention that Gatsby was somewhat crazy with him not finishing sentences and all? Why does Gatsby create such a wall between people and himself? Wait why does Nick now understand why Jordan thought Gatsby was lying about him going to Oxford? He doesn't have an accent? Am I missing something? Oh wait never mind, I kept reading. Was he kicked out? Why did Gatsby want to die? Did he somehow kill his family? Gatsby dated Daisy? Does Gatsby only host parties in hope of Daisy coming over? Does he also not drink because Daisy doesn't drink?

Monday, March 13, 2017

The Great Gatsby: Metacognitive Chapter Three

How much money do you think all of his parties and such cost? If he has so much fruit going in every weekend, the staff to deal with the fruit, the people to make the place pretty and nice, clean up everything? How is all of this so possible? How does Gatsby have this much money to keep spending it quickly? If no one can find Gatsby how did he find out that one of the girls in a yellow dressed had ripped her old one? Why did he personally send her a new dress? What is the point of it? How did he come into contact with so much money? Did a lot of his family die? Does Gatsby potentially feel bad for having all this money and tries to spend it on other people having a good time? Why does so many cities want Gatsby unless its something else? Ah so Jordan is dishonest. Interesting how this will play into the plot of the story. IS HIS NAME NICK. I DON'T THINK HE HAS TOLD US THAT BEFORE.